“Concentrating solar power (CSP) plants,” explains the Solar Energy Industries Association, “use mirrors to concentrate the sun’s energy to drive traditional steam turbines or engines that create electricity. The thermal energy concentrated in a CSP plant can be stored and used to produce electricity when it is needed, day or night.” Despite all the promise of the technology touted by SEIA, however, CSP plants have all but faded from existence in the United States. The SEIA goes on to say that, “Today, roughly 1,815 megawatts (MWac) of CSP plants are in operation in the United States.” This number pales in comparison, however, to what is happening with concentrated solar power around the world. Although CSP has relatively stagnant in the United States, it is set to make a comeback and is already rebounding globally. Global CSP capacity around the world rose by a considerable 11 percent last year, led […]