US tight oil legacy decline can be estimated by assuming no future tight oil completions in the various US tight oil basins. The charts below illustrate such an estimate for the Permian, North Dakota Bakken/Three Forks, Eagle Ford, Niobrara, and other tight oil basins (not included in the previous 4 tight oil basins). Permian legacy decline is 3405 minus 3142 or 263 kb/d. North Dakota Bakken/Three Forks legacy decline is 60 kb/d. Eagle Ford legacy decline is 104 kb/d. Niobrara legacy decline is 37 kb/d. For “other LTO plays”, which is all other tight oil besides Permian, ND Bakken/TF, Eagle Ford, and Niobrara, the legacy decline is 69 kb/d. For different plays the timing of the maximum legacy decline rate occurs in different months due to differences in well profiles and completion rates over time. The chart below is simply the sum of the 5 models presented above. US […]