After President Trump suggested on Sunday that he would like to make a deal with Exxon Mobil or “one of our great companies” to go into occupied Syria and take the oil, one of the few former top defense officials to explicitly condemn the plan which clearly smacks of naked US imperialism was retired General Barry McCaffrey. Referencing Trump’s comments, an outraged McCaffrey posed the question on Twitter , “WHAT ARE WE BECOMING… PIRATES?” Trump comment US intends to keep the oil in Syria. Guard with US armored forces. Bring in US oil companies to modernize the field. WHAT ARE WE BECOMING…. PIRATES? If ISIS is defeated we lack Congressional authority to stay. The oil belongs to Syria. He further stressed that the oil “belongs to Syria” and that ultimately “we lack Congressional authority to stay” in the country at all. The former US Army four-star and MSNBC […]