Over the past five years, the number of electric buses in Europe has increased from around 200 to 2,200 vehicles, according to a report from Busworld. For 2019, Poland-based Solaris claims to have concluded the most contracts for the construction of electric buses. There are now some 800 electric-powered Solaris circulating in 72 cities, including Berlin (90), Milan (250) and Warsaw (130). 47% of the buses built by Solaris are powered by an alternative propulsion system. Since 2005, Van Hool has built 130 hydrogen fuel cell buses. For some time now, it has no longer been a matter of small orders, but of large orders for a few dozen vehicles destined for Cologne, Wuppertal and QBuzz, among others, in the Netherlands. A large order of double articulated Van Hool Exqui.City tram buses was delivered to Trondheim, in Norway. The Van Hool factory in Macedonia is building 900 buses this […]