Last month Switzerland’s Pizol glacier, which has lost 80% of its volume since 2006, was remembered in a “funeral march” Climate change has risen to the top of Switzerland’s political agenda and observers are eyeing a possible “green tsunami” in 20 October elections. For decades Switzerland has been dominated by four main parties; the Swiss People’s Party, the Social Democrats, the Radical Party and the Christian Democrats. But as the glaciers melt, the president of the Green party’s youth wing sees an opportunity. “This is our year,” says Maja Haus. “There is a climate crisis, and for the Green party this is a huge chance, because we have the answers to this problem: 2019 will be the climate elections.” How big is the green wave? In the run-up to the vote the Green party has overtaken the Christian Democrats in the opinion polls. If those polls translate into seats, […]