The soon-to-be $92.2 billion battery market just got a huge boost. Scientists have just created the world’s first long-cycle Li-Carbon Dioxide battery, and in a market-shredding first: it’s fully rechargeable.  The hunt for advanced materials that will catapult battery technology to another level started decades ago. The search has been furious and diligent as researchers and scientists try to give the $90+ billion market exactly what it wants. And the market is set to reach this $92.2 billion as soon as 2024—up from $37.4 billion in 2018.

The lucrative prospects for the lithium ion market has enticed what had been furious and diligent progress and transformed it into something that now has reached a fever pitch—everyone wants in on the ground floor of the market that has nowhere to go but up.

The deliciousness of the lithium battery market is demonstrated by Tesla’s push to constantly improve its current battery tech, the latest development of which prompted Tesla to quietly acquire Canadian Hibar Systems, a battery manufacturing and engineering company. Hibar has now gone dark and deep-sixed its website. We don’t know what Tesla and Hibar have cooking, but you can bet it’s big. All battery tech is precious, and developers are keeping their battery babies close to their vest, with everyone holding onto hope that it will be the next lucky soul to discover the next lithium battery upend-er.