Clean Energy is the need of the hour and UK is taking charge to build the first commercially viable fusion power plant for unlimited clean, safe, and carbon-free energy. Fremont, CA: Fusion researchers have always faced criticism due to the unfulfilled promise of nuclear fusion reactor from the critics. However, in recent years, the fusion community has seen a few positive results. The ITER fusion reactor, which is near completion at Cadarache, France will finally turn on in 2025 following years of delays and cost hikes. Initially, it will use deuterium plasma to test all the systems and plasma performance. By 2035, the reactor will evolve and use a deuterium-tritium fuel mix to exhibit fusion on a commercial scale. Despite a promising success and the given timescales, an actual power plant is unlikely to be built before 2040 at the earliest. With the fusion reactor race gaining momentum, the […]