Nationalist politics hinder climate goals US shale success delays energy transition by a decade Stranded assets concerns changing output priorities Denver — Current geopolitics may be hurting future oil and gas growth in politically unstable countries, but could also slow the global transition to cleaner energy sources and hinder efforts to combat climate change, panelists at a US Association for Energy Economics conference said Monday. Protectionist and populist policies are promoting additional fossil fuel production, often at the expense of investment in low carbon technology, said Andreas Goldthau, a professor and research group lead at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Germany. “The world has become less cooperative in recent years,” Goldthau said. “That gives you a big problem on a global scale.” Current geopolitics, rife with politicization, trade wars and sanctions, will make sustainable energy goals “extremely difficult,” said Eirik Waerness, Equinor’s senior vice president and […]