Tehran — Iranian oil minister Bijan Zanganeh is on thin ice, facing potential impeachment over controversial gasoline price hikes just before he is to attend an OPEC meeting in Vienna. Zanganeh on Tuesday was grilled by the Iranian parliament’s energy committee over the government’s surprise decision to raise gasoline prices by at least 50% last week — a move that triggered massive protests across the country. Parliament received an impeachment motion on Sunday against Zanganeh, with 72 lawmakers signing on as of Tuesday, according to parliamentary news service ICANA. Only 10 signatures are needed to trigger an impeachment session. Zanganeh, who is scheduled to attend the Gas Exporting Countries Forum this week, will have to face the energy committee again, in a session set for December 8. If it is not satisfied with his answers, the committee could advance the impeachment motion to the entire 290-member parliament, where a […]