Hundreds of legitimate workers, including drivers and fuel station attendants, are now idling away following the ban on the supply of petroleum products to filling stations in Nigeria’s land border communities, Daily Trust reports. However, the border closure has paved way for fuel racketeers and smugglers to make fortune by selling the products at exorbitant prices for Nigerians living at the edge of the borders and much higher in the neighbouring countries. The federal government had on November 6 directed that no petroleum products should be sold in any filling station within 20 kilometres to the country’s land borders. With an area of 923,768, Nigeria is bordered by Benin, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger republics, and also shares maritime borders with Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and São Tomé and Príncipe. Almost all the countries that share land borders rely on Nigeria’s subsidized petroleum products for their domestic consumption with black […]