┬áThe upcoming IMO 2020 sulfur emission regulation is prompting both owners and charterers to negotiate and incorporate new clauses in their charter party agreements, or CPAs, to factor in the performance of scrubbers and use of compliant bunkers. At the same time, owners and charterers, who have non-scrubber ships on long-term charters, are exhausting their supply of high sulfur fuels by taking longer voyages. Also, owners who are getting scrubbers installed are adopting a creative approach and are even seeking a share of the notional savings that will accrue from the use of high sulfur fuels on the time chartered tonnage, said a participant at a seminar organized by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, or, ICS, late Wednesday in Singapore. High sulfur fuel oil, or HSFO, enjoys a large discount to the low sulfur marine fuels. Installing scrubbers and using relatively cheaper HSFO will result in saving […]