Any investor or prospective investor googling “Alberta”–Canada’s key oil-producing province–will likely give up before clicking any further, at this point. The results will be a string of bleaker-than-bleak forecasts for Canada’s oil heartland. Job losses, office vacancies, and oil companies leaving the oil patch all indicate that Canada’s most prolific oil province has fallen on particularly hard times. But let’s dial down the headline drama and look at Alberta from a sober perspective. It’s struggling, but the doomsday scenarists have potentially taken things too far. There is no question that Alberta has suffered blow after blow—and not just from international oil market trends, but from Canadian governments, too. The Trans-Mountain pipeline saga only deserves to be referred to as a saga because plans to expand the pipeline’s capacity started a feud between Alberta and its neighbor British Columbia—a very big feud. This feud brought the two provinces to court […]