The second-largest U.S. oil company lowered its forecast for future commodity prices, and said that as a result, it was reducing the value of production from one of its offshore oil projects in the Gulf of Mexico, called Big Foot . It also lowered the value of a planned facility to export liquefied natural gas from Canada. Chevron Chief Executive Mike Wirth said in an interview that the company had performed well in a difficult market but wanted to focus on its most promising future prospects, including an expandedsion of shale oil drilling in Texas. Price Pain Natural gas prices have fallen since Chevron bought acreage in Appalachia. Futures prices in dollars per million BTUs Nov. 2010 Said it would acquire Atlas Energy, a leading Appalachian gas producer $6 5 4 3 2 May 2011 Said it would acquire drilling and development rights for 228,000 acres in Appalachia 1 […]