All of the oil production data for the states comes from the EIA?s Petroleum Supply Monthly . The charts below are updated to September 2019 for the largest US oil producing states (>100 kb/d). There continues to be much speculation and information pointing to a potential slowing of US oil production. However the latest production data from the EIA continues to point higher, albeit at a slower rate. US C + C production reached a new high of 12,463 kb/d in September according to the November EIA 914 report. Looking forward to October production, the November Monthly Energy Review (MER) estimates US production for October to be 12,600 kb/d, an estimated increase of 137 kb/d, shown in red as the last data point. The initial growth estimate for 2019 indicates a slower growth rate for 2019 vs 2018. In 2018, growth to September 2018 was 1,432 kb/d. For 2019 […]