Enevate, a developer of advanced silicon-dominant Li-ion battery technology capable of extreme fast charging for electric vehicles (EVs), announced its new fourth-generation technology optimized for high volume commercialization and manufacturing at gigafactory scale. The new XFC-Energy technology achieves 5-minute charging to 75% capacity with 800 Wh/L cell energy density. Today’s conventional large-format Li-ion EV cells are at 500-600 Wh/L and typically take more than 1 hour to charge. Highlights of the fourth-generation XFC-Energy technology include: Cell technology scalable for large-format pouch, prismatic and cylindrical EV cells suitable for various battery module and pack architectures. Achieves 800 Wh/L and 340 Wh/kg in large-format EV cells. Pure silicon-dominant anode technology tunable with 10-60µm thickness and 1000-2000mAh/g that can be paired with NCA, NCM811, NCMA, low-cobalt, or other advanced cathode technologies. Continuous roll-to-roll anode manufacturing processes designed and capable of achieving more than 80 meters per minute electrode production, more than 10 […]