Another billion-dollar energy project is polarizing Canada once again, but this time, it’s got nothing to do with pipelines , or even LNG terminals . It’s the Frontier oil sands mine that the federal government of Justin Trudeau must approve or reject by the end of next month. According to most observers, this decision will seal the fate of Canadian oil sands forever. Trudeau is no stranger to energy policy controversy. In 2017, during a community meeting in Ontario, Trudeau raised pro-oil hackles by saying the oil sands industry needed to be phased out. “You can’t make a choice between what’s good for the environment and what’s good for the economy,” the Prime Minister said. “We can’t shut down the oilsands tomorrow. We need to phase them out. We need to manage the transition off of our dependence on fossil fuels. That is going to take time. And in […]