Both houses of the New Jersey Legislature (Senate and Assembly) have passed a bill  that establishes goals and incentives for increased use of plug-in electric vehicles in NJ. The Governor is expected to sign it. Specifically, the bill sets a goal of at least 330,000 of the total number of registered light duty vehicles in the State being plug-in electric vehicles by 31 December 2025. This increases to 2 million by the end of 2035. By the end of 2040, at least 85% of all new light duty vehicles sold or leased in the State are to be plug-in electric vehicles. According to EVAdoption, the stock of plug-ins (BEV and PHEV) in New Jersey as of 31 Dec 2018 was 25,945 units. New Jersey defines “plug-in electric vehicle” as a vehicle that has a battery or equivalent energy storage device that can be charged from an […]