When Rolls Royce in December unveiled its new electric plane, it said it would be the fastest electric aircraft , capable of achieving a top speed of 300 mph. It also said the plane will be able to fly from London to Paris on a single charge. The battery pack of ACCEL, as the aircraft is called, standing for Accelerating the Electrification of Aircraft, is the most energy dense pack ever made for a plane, its developers say. It is also among the lightest– lighter than many EV battery packs. The ACCEL aircraft has three battery packs that power its three electric motors. Each pack weighs 450 kg and has a capacity of 72 kWh. To compare, the battery pack of a Tesla Model X has a capacity of 75 kWh and weighs over 500 kg. Smaller EVs do have much lighter battery packs, but they do have much […]