Norwegian wholesaler Asko is among the first to operate a goods vehicle that runs on hydrogen, thanks to a collaborative effort by research scientists and industry. SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations, has been working with Asko and hydrogen fuel for almost ten years with the aim of reducing goods vehicle emissions. Electricity generated by solar panels installed across nine thousand square metres of roofing at Asko’s regional warehouse is being used to split water, producing emissions-free hydrogen fuel and oxygen. The truck, developed in cooperation with Scania, features a 290 kW electric motor (210 kW continuous); a 2-speed transmission; 2,200 N·m peak torque; a 56 kWh Li-ion battery; and a 90 kW PEM fuel cell. The on-board charger is 22 kW AC with CCS charging interface, and hydrogen storage is 33 kg @350 bar. The vehicle can travel between 400 and 500 kilometers on a single […]