The market meltdown continued on Thursday, with stocks across the board in retreat. Oil prices were down more than 4 percent in early trading, falling to their lowest levels in more than a year. WTI plunged below $47 per barrel, and at the time of this writing, Brent was flirting with sub-$50. President Trump’s press conference on Wednesday did little to assuage fears, as he downplayed the threat at a time when the virus was quickly spreading. Around the time of his press conference, the first diagnosis in the U.S. not directly related to a known case was announced, an indication that the virus is becoming increasingly hard to contain. Several days of plunging oil prices led to a bloodbath in energy stocks on Thursday. Here’s a quick look at some of the losses, as of midday Thursday: Continental Resources: -15 percent Whiting Petroleum: -23 percent SM Energy: -7.8 […]