Black markets flourish and civilians resort to desperate measures as impact of Libya’s ongoing oil blockade bites A closed petrol station in southern Libya. Since 2011, the country has been struck by various oil dramas as players vie for influence, power and money (MEE/Tom Westcott)) In Libya, a country where petrol was famously once cheaper than bottled water, a nearly two-month blockade of oil facilities by tribal leaders protesting the Tripoli government’s decision to deploy Syrian mercenaries has sent prices rocketing and boosted black market sales. “Beyond the main coastal towns and cities, there’s literally no subsidised fuel for Libyan civilians now,” said Abdullah, 45, an engineer who lives near Sirte. “Most fuel, both in western and eastern Libya, is being sent to the frontlines.” These are the crucial frontlines in the ongoing battle for Libya’s capital between forces loyal to the UN-installed, Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) […]