Saudi Arabia has nearly completed construction of its first nuclear reactor, sparking fears about the country’s quest for nuclear power. New satellite images, first published by Bloomberg , show construction on the building site has made significant process over the past three months. The three images below show the rapid developments on the site between April 2017 and today. Satellite images reveal Saudi Arabia’s construction developments on its first nuclear reactor, from April 2017 (top) to April 2018 (middle) up to today (bottom). Source: Google Earth/Bloomberg Source:Supplied The images show the construction of a 10-metre high steel vessel, which would contain nuclear fuel, and construction work on the surrounding concrete building. The facility is located in the southwest corner of the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in Riyadh. In a statement to Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia’s energy ministry said its purpose was to “engage in strictly peaceful scientific, […]