The coronavirus pandemic has rapidly evolved from a global health crisis to a financial one, upending industries, shuttering businesses, and sending financial markets reeling. Amid the crisis, the world’s leading oil-producing countries have been having it rougher than most, facing a dual shock of the pandemic and low oil prices thanks to their heavy reliance on the black commodity to power their economies. Some–such as the United States, Russia, and Iran–have been hard hit by the virus, while others from the African continent– home to 7 of OPEC’s 13 member nations –have to contend with struggling economies and weak health systems. Here’s where some of the world’s largest oil producers stand on the pandemic barometer: #1 United States The United States has so far recorded 1.38 million Covid-19 infections with 82,018 fatalities, the most of any country in the world. However, stay-at-home orders in at least 40 states have […]