A store in Niles, Ill., this month. (Nam Y. Huh/AP) Roughly one-quarter of the labor force in Nevada, Michigan and Hawaii is unemployed, and nearly every other state registered a record-high jobless rate last month, illustrating the historic, widespread economic havoc wrought by the coronavirus . The dour figures released by the Labor Department on Friday illustrate how closed shops and factories, sharp declines in tourism and a slew of measures meant to arrest the spread of the pandemic have disproportionately walloped some regions more than others, contributing to the highest national unemployment rate since the Great Depression . State-by-state unemployment: Highs and lows Nationwide, 43 states in April registered jobless rates higher than at any point since the government started tracking such data more than 40 years ago. The figure generally represents an undercount of the total percentage of Americans out of work, partly because federal officials calculate […]