Despite – or perhaps because of – the global overhang in liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies, a weak demand profile, and ongoing uncertainty in the hydrocarbons market overall, Qatar believes that the long experience and supportive infrastructure that it has accrued in the sector since first becoming an LNG exporter in 1997 will allow it to regain its former position as the world’s number one LNG exporter. To this effect, it has announced big and bold plans for its flagship supergiant non-associated gas reservoir, the North Dome, together with corollary deals to secure massive new LNG capacity in its chief target export market, China. After many years as the world’s top LNG exporter, Qatar had reportedly narrowly lost the spot in January to relative newcomer Australia, which shipped an estimated 77.514 million tonnes of LNG on an annualised basis from the country’s 10 LNG projects during 2019. Although there […]