Inorganic NASCION‐type Li conductors have great potential to bring high capacity solid‐state lithium batteries (SSLBs) to realization, due to properties such as high ionic conductivity, stability under ambient conditions, wide electrochemical stability window, and inexpensive production. However, despite the merits, the integration of NASCION-type electrolytes in SSLBs is still hampered by the formation of a chemically unstable interface when it is coupled with a Li metal anode. Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and Xi’an Jiaotong University, China have now developed a multifunctional interlayer between the electrolyte and the Li-metal anode, made of a spreadable material that helps improve solid-state battery current density tenfold, while also increasing performance and safety. The interlayer makes the battery cell much more stable, and therefore able to withstand much higher current density. It is also very easy to apply the soft mass onto the lithium metal anode in the battery. Source: Chalmers […]