A child receives medical treatment after a sarin gas attack in the town of Douma, Syria on April 08, 2018. According to initial findings over 78 civilians perished in the attack. (Photo by Mouneb Taim/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) Highlighted quotes from the event, ” Maximum Pressure on the Assad Regime for its Chemical Weapons Use and Other Atrocities. ” 1. What the new OPCW report reveals: DAS DiNanno: The report actually identifies the perpetrators, and is based on a nine-month investigation, that included interviews with eyewitnesses. It conducted reviews of testimony, it reviewed potential symptoms, chemical analysis that were taken on site, it analyzed the fragments of the ammunition of the ordinance that was used in question. It reviewed the satellite imagery, it reviewed site plans. So the level of detail when you read the report and if folks are interested enough to join this discussion, it might be a […]