Fusion power, a form of power that is highly efficient, secure and eco-friendly with a virtually inexhaustible supply of fuel, is being eyed as the solution to current major energy and environmental problems. Toshiba shares its vision and how advancement in its fusion technologies is contributing to the realisation of this energy source in the near future. For the full multimedia release, click here: https://www.prnasia.com/mnr/toshiba_202006.shtml Source: QST [https://www.qst.go.jp/site/naka-fusion-english/4779.html] Figure. Mechanism of fusion The fusion process The Race for Nuclear Fusion Fusion, in a nutshell, is about recreating the fusion reactions that occur inside the stars and the sun here on Earth. Fusion produces a massive amount of thermal energy, which can be used to generate power. With just 1 gram of fuel, fusion can produce the same amount of energy as burning 8 tons of petroleum. By its very design, Fusion does not allow for runaway reactions. It also […]