China has made life a little easier for car manufacturers who make gasoline-electric hybrids by reclassifying these hybrid vehicles more favorably with regard to its clean car policies. Reuters reports that the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information today published a new policy that will allow carmakers to manufacture more gasoline-electric hybrids and fewer plug-in EVs, which are more expensive. The allowance will be in effect for the period between 2021 and 2023. This should provide some breathing space to carmakers in China, previously pressured by the country’s strict anti-pollution program. Under the program, carmakers are obliged to manufacture a certain number of so-called new energy vehicles to offset the emissions their other cars generate. By producing such new energy vehicles, or NEVs, carmakers score points to counter negative points they earn for the emission-generating cars. Under the new policy, gasoline-electric hybrids have been reclassified as “low fuel consumption […]