President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday he’s appointed a team of specialists to consider whether the price of the world’s cheapest gasoline in Venezuela should rise for drivers in the crisis-stricken nation. Venezuela boasts the world’s largest underground oil reserves, but it has been forced to buy fuel from Iran to bridge deep shortages, unable to pump crude from the ground, and turn it into gasoline. Fuel shortages have plagued the socialist nation for years, which costs less than a penny a gallon, but scarcity recently has even hit the capital of Caracas, sparking mile-long lines at filling stations that last for days. “The gasoline that we have brought from abroad, from Iran and other countries, we have paid for in dollars,” Maduro said. “Many people have suggested to me, and I agree, that gasoline must come at a price.” Maduro often accuses U.S. sanctions aimed at forcing […]