As long as science fiction writers have been imagining it, scientists have been trying to make it a reality. The holy grail of clean energy. The silver bullet solution to global warming. The power of the sun brought down to Earth. That’s right, nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion, if and when it becomes a reality, will change the energy industry–and the world–as we know it. It is, essentially, the key to limitless, renewable, and carbon-free energy. And not only is it many times more powerful than nuclear fission (the process of dividing atoms that currently powers nuclear plants) it does not require any radioactive materials, and therefore does not produce any hazardous radioactive nuclear waste. And, with no radiation, there is no risk of the nuclear meltdowns that have become synonymous with nuclear energy thanks to the tragedies at Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Three Mile Island. In the south of France, […]