Back in 2010, Texas-based Anadarko Corp. (now a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corp. ) and Italian energy giant ENI SpA announced the discovery of approximately 180 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, equivalent to ~29 billion barrels of oil, in Mozambique’s supergiant offshore basin of Rovuma, immediately catapulting the south African nation to a potential global LNG superpower. As expected, there was a stampede of oil and gas majors, including ExxonMobil , Total, Shell, and CNPC (China National Petroleum Corp.), who rushed in to stake their claims. But now there’s a real danger that the biggest investment splurge in Africa could go up in smoke even before it gets properly started thanks to the proliferation of terrorism in the region. Mozambique could potentially reap nearly $100 billion in LNG revenues , or 7x its annual GDP, over the next 25 years, and boost real growth rate from 4% […]