One country often ignored when considering Latin America’s regional hydrocarbon sector is the Latin American country of Peru. Over the last two decades, the Andean country has developed rapidly to become one of the leading mining jurisdictions in Latin America. In only 20 years, Peru’s vast mineral wealth combined with it becoming an attractive jurisdiction for foreign investment caused gross domestic product to soar fourfold to $227 billion for 2019. The successful growth of the Andean country’s mining industry could be one of the reasons that Peru’s oil wealth was ignored. Sharply weaker oil prices are certainly another factor. There are growing signs that the Andean country is ready to realize its oil potential, particularly as Lima seeks to bolster economic growth and recover from the harsh impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The IMF believes the Andean country’s GDP will contract by a very worrying 13.9% during 2020. Key […]