When it comes to finding the final frontier for big oil discoveries, you need to look beyond the Guyana-Suriname basin where everyone’s already staked their claims. And beyond the American shale patch, where growth is already slowing. Africa is the next great oil frontier, where small-cap companies are staking large-cap claims of the kind that generously reward investors with a bigger risk appetite. This could be the final, underexplored frontier for oil; is there anywhere else to go? “There is nowhere on earth with as much potential as Africa,” Jay Park, CEO of Reconnaissance Energy Africa told Oilprice.com in an interview. While many would have disagreed two decades ago, times have changed, and the fact that the African continent already holds 7.5% of the world’s known oil reserves , and as much of its gas reserves, yet still remains woefully underexplored, is exactly what might make this the last […]