According to the World Bank, energy companies around the world flared 250 billion cubic meters of natural gas last year. That is the highest gas flaring rate since 2009, representing billions in lost profits from wasted gas. But there may be a clever solution to this problem: turn the gas into LNG and sell it abroad. LNG is a hot commodity despite a glut that has driven prices to historic lows, making some large-scale LNG projects economically unviable. Yet not all LNG facilities are large and cost billions to build. Nowadays, there are also mini-LNG plants that produce gallons instead of tons of the superchilled liquid gas. And, according to some, they can solve the flaring problem, at least in the Permian. This is what the Houston Chronicle’s Jim Magill wrote in a recent article on flaring and LNG production. Small LNG plants churn out up to 100,000 gallons […]