It’s official: The big hydrogen techlash is now history. For decades, there was an undeniable and growing animus towards anything hydrogen by the investing universe, with the technology relegated to niche corners of the market, such as material handling and emergency power backup. Hydrogen technology was considered too costly and impractical, with Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk famously dismissing hydrogen fuel cells as ‘ fool cells ‘ and ‘ mind-bogglingly stupid .’ But the tide has gone full circle, and suddenly Wall Street can’t stop gushing about the enormous potential of the plentiful, versatile gas to cut emissions from many hard to decarbonize sectors. Bank of America is the latest analyst to chime in with a bullish note. According to the giant investment bank, hydrogen could supply our vast energy needs, fuel our cars, heat our homes, and also help to fight climate change. BAC says we have […]