Gasoline shortages are becoming more acute across Venezuela (Twitter). Spanish – An uptick in coronavirus cases amid the most severe gasoline shortages exacerbates the crisis in the country with the world’s largest oil reserves. Venezuela also had the privilege of having the cheapest fuel on the planet. Today, neither the abundant reserves nor the exhausted subsidies are of any use. During the quarantine, Venezuelans have to move around in their vehicles. However, they suffer an ordeal when they want to fill gasoline in their vehicles. The least pessimistic scenario is accepting that they will have to spend three or more days in long queues. The task can be more frustrating. Some people use up their reserve fuel only to find “no gas” signs. Meanwhile, cases of coronavirus are on the rise. Nicolás Maduro’s regime admits an average of 1,000 new infections per day. However, the Academy of Physical, Mathematical, […]