The oil industry’s search for carbon-free alternatives to fossil fuels has led to many interesting investment decisions over the years. Somewhere high on that list is nuclear fusion, the energy that powers the sun, which has drawn investment from at least three major oil companies. Chevron became the most recent player to show an interest in the technology when it pumped an undisclosed amount of cash into Seattle-based Zap Energy in August . “We see fusion technology as a promising, low-carbon future energy source,” Barbara Burger, president of Chevron Technology Ventures, said in a statement. “Our Future Energy Fund investment in Zap Energy adds to Chevron’s portfolio of companies we believe are likely to have a role in the energy transition.” Chevron follows in the steps of Italy’s Eni, which bought an equity stake in Massachusetts Institute of Technology spinout Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) in 2018, and the Norwegian […]