In 2018, while much of the world was leaving coal-fired power in the past and moving toward greener pastures (so to speak) coal was barreling full steam ahead in the African continent. In North Africa in particular, 2018 saw a flurry of thermal energy projects and brand-new coal fired plants. First, “Siemens completed the world’s three biggest combined-cycle gas-fired plants for Egyptian Electricity Holding Company: Beni Suef, New Capital and Burullus, which collectively provide a colossal 14.4 GW in new capacity.” Then, in the same year, another 1.4 GW of coal-fired energy came online in Morocco courtesy of the new Safi plant. Far from being the beginning of a renaissance for a fossil fuel that has largely fallen out of favor, however, that very well may have been coal’s last hurrah in Africa. With Morocco and Egypt in particular, both countries are increasingly embracing natural gas and renewable energies, […]