Libya’s crude oil production could reach 800,000 bpd over the next two weeks and top 1 million barrels daily within a month now that the National Oil Corporation has lifted the force majeure from another two oil export terminals. “As NOC highly commends the efforts exerted by all local and international parties, it undertakes to hold to the non-political professional principles, continues in performing its responsibilities and duties in a completely neutral manner and declares that as production resumes from Waha and Harouge fields, production level will reach 800 thousand bbl./day during two weeks and will exceed one million barrels in four weeks,” NOC said in a statement. NOC first announced it would lift the force majeure imposed earlier this year from two oil ports after the Libyan National Army of General Halifa Khaftar agreed to lift a blockade of the oil-exporting infrastructure that started in January this year. […]