Data for the OPEC charts below are from the OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report and is in thousand barrels per day. All data is through September 2020. There was little change in OPEC production in September. Total OPEC production was down 47,000 barrels per day in September but that was after August production was revised upward by 109,000 bpd. Algeria was basically unchanged in September. Angolan crude production increased by 47,000 bpd in September. Not much change in the Republic of the Congo. Equatorial Guinea is simply in slow decline. Gabon is also in slow decline. Iran is holding steady but said to be exporting more oil than this chart would indicate. Not much change in Iraq for the last four months. Kuwait also holding steady. They appear to producing pretty close to flat out. Rebels are still raising hell in Libya. The political situation there doesn’t seem to […]