396,000 marginal stripper oil wells produced 284 million barrels of oil in 2016 in the United States. So who really gives a rats ass, right? All of the US shale oil industry, from floor hand to CEO, thinks their shit doesn’t stink and shale oil is America’s future. The media feels the same way; when is the last time you read an article on Forbes about the plight of the US stripper well industry? Stripper wells are not sexy. They don’t require big drilling rigs with elevators or frac spreads that cover two football fields. They don’t require billions of dollars of other people’s money to drill and are generally unremarkable because they make money. Because of that there is not much for pundits, ANALysts and journalists (that once drove by a drilling rig on the highway and consider themselves experts), to say about them. They’re boring. How Many […]