You’re reading an excerpt from the Today’s WorldView newsletter. Sign up to get the rest , including news from around the globe, interesting ideas and opinions to know, sent to your inbox every weekday. This past weekend, the United States brokered a cease-fire between warring neighbors Armenia and Azerbaijan . According to some accounts , the uneasy truce barely lasted an hour. Instead, the conflict in the Caucasus rages on, marking the worst period of hostilities in the region in almost three decades. Civilian casualties are mounting, with both sides accusing the other of ferrying in foreign fighters and indiscriminately targeting urban areas with missile strikes and artillery fire. On Wednesday, Azerbaijani authorities said at least 21 civilians were killed and dozens more injured after rockets fired by Armenian forces using a Russian-made Smerch missile system hit the Azerbaijani town of Barda, which is some 20 miles away from […]