Mexico is sitting on top of the sixth biggest collective shale reserve in the entire world. At an estimated total of 545 trillion cubic feet , they’re just a hair behind the United States’ estimated 665 trillion cubic feet, which changed the global energy industry and handed the United States energy security on a silver platter thanks to the shale revolution. So why hasn’t Mexico had its own shale revolution? Just across the U.S. border, Mexico is sitting on a veritable goldmine known as the Burgos Basin.” The Burgos Basin shale gas field, which spans the arid shrublands of Northern Tamaulipas, Mexico, is a potential bonanza as big or bigger than the record-setting Eagle Ford shale play across the Rio Grande in South Texas,” The North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) reported this week. There are already thousands of active conventional gas wells in the area, but fracking […]