Libya’s state-owned NOC aims to make further progress in rebuilding the country’s oil sector next year, buoyed by the rapid recovery in crude production since port and field blockades were lifted three months ago. NOC has been conducting daily meetings with its subsidiaries since 22 December to discuss both the outlook for oil production and plans to revive the country’s embattled refining sector. Libyan crude output has rebounded quickly since the blockades began to be lifted in late September. The restrictions, imposed by forces affiliated with Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA), drove Libyan crude output down to just 100,000 b/d in February-August, according to Argus estimates. Production had recovered to 1.28mn b/d as of mid-December, according to a Libyan source. Argus pegs Libyan crude exports at 945,000 b/d last month. Further output growth next year will be driven by NOC subsidiary Waha Oil, whose fields in eastern Libya […]