The Trans Mountain expansion project has just become the most important oil pipeline project in Canada after U.S. President Joe Biden stopped the U.S.-Canada cross-border link Keystone XL. The expansion of Trans Mountain , which is set to nearly triple to 890,000 bpd the pipeline capacity from Alberta to the Vancouver coast, is currently expected to come online in December 2022. With Keystone XL dead , Trans Mountain—a project now owned by the federal government of Canada—is Alberta’s best chance to get its landlocked oil to major markets, including the fast-growing markets in Asia Pacific. While Alberta is still reeling from President Biden’s decision to revoke Keystone XL’s Presidential permit, analysts and stakeholders see the Trans Mountain oil project as the crucial project that could boost the fortunes of Canada’s oil industry in the medium term. The renewed attention on Trans Mountain, which Canada’s government bought from Kinder Morgan […]