Economic, climate and healthcare upheavals point to the need to move toward developing cleaner energy sources, environmentally friendly jobs and healthier communities, participants in a Reuters Next panel said on Tuesday. Slideshow ( 3 images ) A new U.S. presidential administration promising to reverse job losses, re-embrace the Paris climate accord to limit warming and stem the COVID-19 pandemic creates an opportunity to rethink the dominance of fossil fuels over the economy, they said. “We have an opportunity right now to responsibly put in place a plan to manage the decline of the oil and gas” industry, said Janet Redman, climate campaign director at environmental group Greenpeace USA. Shifting incentives away from fossil fuels and investing in public infrastructure and jobs can halt the greenhouse emissions leading to climate warming, she said. U.S. taxpayers spend $20 billion a year to subsidize the cleanup of abandoned sites and […]