“ Is Exploring For Oil Still Profitable? ” Oilprice asked back in August. As the novel coronavirus has swept the world, stalling whole industries, tanking oil demand and prices, leaving legions of people jobless, and upending the natural order of things, everyone who has anything to do with the energy sector has found themselves asking these kinds of existential, world-altering questions. Until 2020, claims of peak oil just on the horizon were easily dismissed as naive and alarmist. Now, peak oil is suddenly upon us , an unforeseen stall in the status quo has afforded the world an unmissable opportunity to reorient the global economy toward decarbonization with not a moment to spare, and global leaders and thinkers such as the World Economic Forum are calling for a “ new energy order ” and a “ great reset .” For European Oil majors, at least, this has all culminated […]