In the upscale shisha lounge of one of Baghdad’s new restaurants, customers puffing on fragrant fruit-scented tobacco sit at gold-rimmed tables flanked by a giant video screen and views of the Tigris River. It’s a weekday night but the Dawa restaurant’s Sky Lounge is crowded with people partying like it’s 2019: no masks, no distancing, no problem. “I live the lifestyle of 2019 before the coronavirus,” said Ali al-Khateeb, 37, a businessman, as he sat at a green velvet chair pulling smoke from a gold-embossed glass water pipe. “As Iraqis we don’t have a fear of death. It’s a psychological factor that can strengthen a human being’s immunity.” His friend, Rami Riadh, 34, also a businessman, said he threw away his mask at the airport when he returned to Baghdad from Amman, Jordan, a week ago. “It feels like we live in another world here,” he said. […]