This is a well you don’t want to miss. In Namibia, an African venue that is being set up as the scene of the world’s next—and possibly last—major onshore oil discovery, the oil and gas rights to an entire 8.5-million-acre sedimentary basin are owned by a single, small company. Now, Wood Mackenzie, the most trusted name in oil and gas resource assessments, has issued a report stating that this same basin is analogous to three world-class basins, including the $540-billion Midland Basin in Texas . The rig is now on-site, and the drilling has just begun on what could be the most exciting onshore oil play in decades. They’ve spudded their first 6-2 exploration well and are looking at three wells, back-to-back and 400km of 2D seismic over the next 2 quarters. One of the most respected petroleum geochemists in the world, Dan Jarvie, came out of retirement for […]